Brick Tile

A brick tile is a thin sheet of brick that can be applied to a surface to give the appearance of a real brick wall. Although it lacks the structural support that a traditional brick wall offers, a brick clad wall is just as aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient as a regular brick wall. In fact, the difference is difficult to notice.

Brick tiles are an affordable and efficient way to improve the interior or exterior of your home without having to build a new brick wall from scratch. Brick tiles are manufactured to create an attractive quality cladding that is both weather resistant and maintenance free for life! It is the ideal solution to problems with rising damp.

Brick tiles are cut from high quality fired clay bricks using a high speed diamond cutting process. They are used as a coating that can be applied to any rigid and semi-rigid interior, exterior and floor surface.

Our clay brick tiles ensure a unique, natural and organic look. They offer a stylish alternative to artificial tiles and can be used to both transform the look and add value to any wall or room

Two Common Methods of Making Brick Tiles:


 A regular brick is made when a clay formed brick is fired in a kiln. Strips of brick are made midway through this process by cutting slices from a regular brick with wire before firing it in the kiln. These are known as preformed briefs and are mass produced for construction purposes.

 Because they are cut to the shape of a regular brick, brick tiles are usually the same dimensions: 215mm x 65mm.


Reclaimed or Traditional Brick Tiles are pre-existing bricks that have been excavated and converted into a brick slab. They are "authentic" in the sense that each tile is made from real brick that has been naturally weathered and exposed to the elements. Reclaimed brick strips are cut from regular brick and come in a variety of options including elegant white glazed brick tiles.

Brick Tile Benefits