handled with minimal fuss and mess. DIY enthusiasts can watch our installation and application video here.


50 tiles cover 1m² (10.8 sq feet) when applied with a grouting gap of 12mm (0.47 inches)


A homogeneous bond is formed between the tile and the surface it is applied to, therefore the tile bonds permanently to the surface.


If properly applied these bricktiles will last the lifetime of the building, offering all the features, benefits and characteristics of a full clay facebrick. Bricktiles are easily applied, in much the same way conventional ceramic tiles are applied. Bricktiles are applied with a normal exterior single-component ceramic tile adhesive mixed with water on site.

On flexible surfaces eg. wood or metal, a suitable flexible bonding agent must be used to allow for the different co-efficients of expansion and contraction between the different materials. The surface needs to be free of grease and dirt, and existing paint should be chipped with a chipping hammer before brushing the wall to remove all loose material.

Bricktiles can be used on any structurally sound surface:

• Asbestos

• Metal

• Dry walling

• Stock Brick

• Painted Materials

• Plaster

• Unplastered Block

• Timber

• Mortared Surfaces

M&J Bricktiles have a multitude of interior and exterior applications and can be applied to just about any place where a face brick finish is desirable.

• Shopping Centres

• Office Buildings

• Houses

• Housing Developments

• Suitable for refurbishments and new Buildings

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