M&J Bricktiles allows all the features and benefits of a full clay face brick in just 9mm approximately.

M&J Bricktiles are used as a cladding which can be applied to all rigid and semi rigid surfaces externally and internally as well as flooring.

M&J Bricktiles offers both a durable and weatherproof finish.

The most important feature is that they are 100% maintenance free, no more painting ever.

M&J Bricktiles are sliced from face brick not extruded.

Bricktiles are made to create an attractive quality cladding that is both weatherproof and maintenance FREE FOR LIFE!!

Bricktiles are the ideal solution for treating rising damp problems.

Made Entirely in South Africa M&J Bricktiles are cut from high quality fired clay bricks using a high speed diamond cutting process.

This is our key to producing consistent high quality Bricktiles. Choosing the way your home is finished has always been an important decision.

Deciding between brick or a plaster finish has some serious long term implications as the cost of changing (from plaster to brick) after building is prohibitively expensive, often meaning a total rebuild.

The variation in colour in all M&J Bricktiles is determined by the unique range of African clay deposits. Due to the natural attributes of fired clay, the tone may vary between batches. Bricktiles should be mixed to ensure the desired spread of colour & shade.

Our bricktiles measure approximately 220mm x 70mm (standard brick size) and are just 9mm thick.

Our sorters are trained to a high standard to remove any imperfect or damaged tiles.

We customize packaging for clients. Bricktiles are packed in robust cardboard boxes with internal cardboard seperators and encased in 50 micron polybag. Personalised branded pack-aging is available on request. 50 Origional tiles are packed into a cardboard box giving you 1m² when layed. Antique range tiles are packed 75 in a box which is slightly more than 1m² when layed.